• Education

  • Comprehensive Harm Reduction

  • Referral for Addiction Treatment

Leadership and Staffing

Clinical Director

  • Anna Hatic, DO

Project Manager/Coordinator

  • Lauren Haines, Pharm. D

Prevention Educator/SBIRT Coord.

  • Maggie Kremer

Clinic MAT Provider

  • Tim Kathman, MD


  • Confidential testing for Hepatitis, HIV, and pregnancy

  • Harm Reduction Education

  • Condom distribution

  • One for one (1:1) exchange of dirty needles for clean needles

  • Wound assessment

  • Overdose education and prevention

  • Narcan training and distribution

  • Insurance assistance

  • Social services consultation

  • Linkage to medical care

  • Linkage to addiction treatment

  • Provide Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) on site

Hours & Location

  • Walk-Ins 2nd and 4th Fridays 10AM-2PM

Family Health Dental Clinic

5735 Meeker Rd.

Greenville, OH 45331

(937) 547-2319

  • During scheduled appointments at the Meeker Rd. location.




  • Suboxone acts as an opioid in the brain to reduce the desire to use heroin or pain killers, this helps the person avoid withdrawal symptoms.

  • Suboxone reduces powerful desires for opioid or cravings.

  • Suboxone is taken in a pill form daily.  The dosage taken per day will be determined by the provider.

  • Family Health is offering Suboxone treatment for opioid use disorder for pregnancy, or for patients unable to take Vivitrol. 



Dr. Anna Hatic

Dr. Tim Kathman

Stephanie House, PA

Mickey Ferguson, CNP



  • Vivitrol works by blocking opioids from acting on the brain.  This takes away the ability to get high from using opioids (like heroin or pain killers).

  • Vivitrol is also used in alcohol use disorder to help reduce heavy drinking days.

  • Vivitrol prevents relapse opioid dependence after detox.

  • Vivitrol is a once a month injection that is administered in the office.


Dr. Anna Hatic

Dr. Tim Kathman

Stephanie House, PA

Dr. Carlos Menendez

Dr. Thomas Brown

Mickey Ferguson, CNP

For questions or inquiries please call or email us at:

(937) 547-2319